Alberta’s Fast Growth 50 2012

Albertan entrepreneurs also bring growth to construction and agribusiness

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After two sluggish years, the Albertan economy has returned to form. We see it in the energy sector, naturally, but we also see it in a variety of areas, from real estate to high-tech (which had the largest number of firms on this year’s Fast Growth 50 list, with 10) to agribusiness and construction. What we really see, says Don Matthew, KPMG’s managing partner in Edmonton, is Albertans doing what they do best. “There’s this real entrepreneurial spirit in Alberta that continues to be demonstrated by this list of companies,” he says. “We have companies that start up in all different sectors of the economy and they know no bounds. They don’t get discouraged. They keep moving ahead, and this list clearly tells you that this is what is happening.”

Virtually every company on the Fast Growth 50 increased its revenues over a year ago, on average earning 135 per cent more. At the top of this year’s list is Dynamic Manufacturing Solutions , a software development company based in Edmonton that targets inefficiencies in the supply chains of manufacturing companies. The company increased revenues by 120 per cent year over year, assets by 108 per cent and its employee head count by 60 per cent. For its complete story, see Trouble Shooters.

The resurgence of energy markets is evidenced by the stellar performance of the seven oil and gas companies on the list (see On the Prowl). Their average increase in revenues over the past year was 520 per cent. Expect the strength in that sector to continue, says Matthew, whose firm crunched the numbers. “When you see the amount of the expenditures that are anticipated over the next couple of years in northern Alberta, they’re really up significantly,” he says. “That’s driving a re-energizing of the economy. Not all sectors are humming the way they were a few years ago, but they will start to hum as a result of this.”

Looking ahead, Matthew says that while Alberta is not immune to financial turmoil in Europe and other parts of the world, the province is in good shape to weather the storm. “We’re going to see the start of another upward curve here,” he says, driven by “continued growth in [the energy sector] combined with the entrepreneurial spirit in the province.”

Note on methodology: the Fast Growth 50 list is based on completed questionnaires and financial statements submitted by Alberta-based companies and vetted by program partner KPMG. Companies were ranked by a weighted point system using 10 different criteria.

The Fast Growth 50 was made possible with the assistance of KPMG, as well as program sponsors Robert Half, Procura, and ATB Financial.

2012 Fast Growth 50 Awards Reception Coverage

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