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The economic impact of bovine tuberculosis

Recent cases of bovine tuberculosis have spurred a massive and effective emergency response. But, as Albertan producers know all too well, disease breakouts can have perilous economic effects >

Alberta farms in good shape despite early snowfall

This fall proved to be a bit of a heartbreaker for farmers, but the overall news from Alberta's agriculture sector is good >

China’s new restrictions for Canadian canola

Although China has delayed new regulations for Canadian canola, this trade dispute isn’t over >

Earls says it ‘made a mistake’ when it swapped Alberta beef for Certified Humane

B.C.-based Earls says it will bring Alberta beef back to its restaurants, and it will work with producers to build up a supply that meets its standards >

Is Alberta heading for another drought?

Early indicators suggest Alberta is in for another hot, dry summer. But that could all change with a spring downpour >

Is Alberta beef inhumane?

Earls says it won't be serving Alberta beef because it couldn't find enough Certified Humane® beef in the province. What does that mean? >

$10 million from Alberta’s carbon levy earmarked for $20-million biodiesel facility

The pilot plant will use a unique manufacturing technology to create biodiesel from Alberta canola >

Railroaded: Farmers blame railways for lost billions

The harvest of 2013 should have been a windfall for prairie farmers. Instead, the grain industry lost billions. Here’s why farmers blame the railways – and why they’re banding together to change the rules >

Is a WHO report on the cancer risk posed by processed meats bad news for Alberta’s meat producers?

"If people are serious about reducing their cancer risk — and we're talking cancer risk here — the far greater risk reduction is to not smoke, to maintain a healthy weight." >

Keeping a Lid On It: Recent BSE scare has beef industry on alert

But nobody’s panicking yet >