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20/20 Series: What makes a great leader?

For the inaugural story of Alberta Venture’s 20/20 series, we talk to former prime minister Kim Campbell about what makes a great leader – and what makes Alberta’s unique >

Mindfulness in the digital age

One man’s search for the off button... >

2016 in review: a year to (mostly) forget

Record-low oil prices, natural disasters, credit woes ... what didn't go wrong in 2016? >

Fort McMurray’s Long Road Back

The city faces tough times ahead, but its people are resilient >

Al Monaco is the 2016 Business Person of the Year

To build a pipeline, all you need is world-class techhnical expertise, a strong position on climate policy, the trust of communities and partnerships with First Nations. Piece of cake >

The Edmonton inventor revolutionizing water treatment

Peter Christou almost lost everything to pursue his groundbreaking invention. Was it worth it? >

How are luxury markets faring in Alberta’s downturn?

During times of economic uncertainty, luxury items are often the first to go >

Hollywood wrangler: an inside look at John Scott’s famous film sets

He got his start in movies 47 years ago as a riding extra. Since then, he’s worked with scores of Hollywood legends on dozens of Oscar-nominated films, and become something of a legend himself >

Alberta’s Craft Brewing Industry Is Changing The Way We Think About Beer

The burgeoning craft brewing industry is bringing together small businesses across the province >

The case for coal: the proposed open pit mine in Crowsnest Pass

Amid the phase-out of coal-fired power in Alberta, Crowsnest Pass confronts the possibilty of a new mine – and the existential dilemma that comes with it >

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