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Does the expiration of the U.S.-Canada softwood lumber agreement spell the end of Alberta's forestry industry?

Alberta’s forestry sector prepares for the U.S. – and its voracious lumber lobby – to reopen our oldest trade wounds >

Branching Out: Architects and builders return to wood

Wood has long been the standard in residential construction, but recently it's being seen as viable material for all kinds of projects >

Learn about the 5 hottest jobs in Forestry

Want to work in Alberta’s forestry industry? The Alberta Forest Products Association lays out the top jobs >

High Fibre: Industry searches for new ways to use trees

The forestry industry already uses the entire tree, but still feels there are better products waiting to be discovered >

Interactive Map: Seeing the Forest for Its Trees

Birch, poplar, pine and spruce are some of the versatile tree species that Alberta offers industry >

Seeing the Forest and the Trees

When the forestry industry faltered, Davis McGregor found opportunity in a new sector >

Alberta’s forestry industry realities – Sell, sell, sell

As U.S. lumber demand dwindles, independent lumber manufacturers are forced to develop new products – and new markets >

Lessons learned from the mountain pine beetle epidemic

Everything you need to know about what government and industry are doing with the opportunities presented by the mountain pine beetle >

Why the mountain pine beetle epidemic was our own fault

And how we can learn from our mistakes >

Mountain pine beetle makes forest management a priority for Alberta’s forestry industry

With Alberta's pine trees at risk, the forestry industry alters harvesting plans and invests in mills to avert disaster >