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The Edmonton inventor revolutionizing water treatment

Peter Christou almost lost everything to pursue his groundbreaking invention. Was it worth it? >

Alberta’s Most Innovative Organizations of 2016

This year's top innovators embody what it means to take an idea and improve on it >

As Cold-fX makers defend the brand in court, its creator sells a new product – with a strikingly similar name

Edmonton's Jacqueline Shan, best known as the co-creator of Cold-fX, is still in the natural health product market, this time with an allergy remedy >

The climate change agreements made in Paris would mean an end to the oil sands as we know it. Why are producers unafraid?

Oil sands producers say they’ve innovated their way out of tough situations before. But can they do it again, and fast enough? >

$10 million from Alberta’s carbon levy earmarked for $20-million biodiesel facility

The pilot plant will use a unique manufacturing technology to create biodiesel from Alberta canola >

Behind Alberta’s Energy Services Sector

Here's a look at how oil and gas services contribute to the economy – and how the sector has been hit by the downturn >

Four technological breakthroughs in energy services

From radio frequencies to software updates – meet four companies finding cheaper and better ways to get oil out of the ground >

Energy service companies have been hit hard, but they’re fighting back

“Companies are saying, ‘We need to be prudent and make tough decisions, but in the areas where we need skilled talent, let’s do everything we can to keep people.’ ” >

Alberta’s 20 Most Innovative Organizations

Our annual guide to the state of innovation in our province, featuring organizations from every corner of society >

Update: Inventors Still Seeking Investors

Aquila Diagnostic Systems seeks global support for locally built diagnostic tool >