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Swimco is a family affair - with Lori Bacon at the helm

Bacon has been with Swimco through it all: from its humble beginnings in the family basement to its expansion throughout Alberta and B.C >

Mind the Gap: Women in business

In Alberta, women hold 11 per cent of board positions on TSX-listed Alberta issuers and occupy eight per cent of executive offices - a long way from equality >

20/20 Series: What makes a great leader?

For the inaugural story of Alberta Venture’s 20/20 series, we talk to former prime minister Kim Campbell about what makes a great leader – and what makes Alberta’s unique >

Who is behind Alberta’s fastest growing companies?

We find out their secret to success >

Fitter, Farther, Faster: Fitter International is number four on our Fast Growth 50 List

Louis Stack started out selling homemade fitness products from his van. Now, Fitter International is growing as desk dwellers embrace the “active office” >

The women behind Ryan Murphy construction

Karen Ryan and Lara Murphy have built a general contractor traditionally, with a few twists >

Software Mavericks: Riva is number one on our Fast Growth 50 list

Aldo Zanoni identified a market before consumers realized it was there. In 2006, Riva International created a CRM integration system that disrupted the industry and propelled the company to international success >

The pros and cons of becoming CSR-approved

Having a third party verify your good work may sound like a good idea, but there is downside. Just ask Etsy >

Tailings pond reclamation: are oil and gas companies doing enough?

Oil sands operators say they’ve made the reclamation of tailings ponds a key tenet of their social responsibility mandate. Others are skeptical >

Al Monaco is the 2016 Business Person of the Year

To build a pipeline, all you need is world-class techhnical expertise, a strong position on climate policy, the trust of communities and partnerships with First Nations. Piece of cake >