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The Clean Tech Tsunami

It Alberta plays its cards right, it could ride the coming wave >

Avoid fake news: a handy guide to news sources

Get back to the pre-post-fact-days >

Can Alberta maintain its carbon pricing with a Trump administration?

Pipelines, decarbonization and the future of climate policy >

Alberta’s news coverage shrinks

Alberta is the forefront of some of the most important decisions in the country, but we don't have the journalists to cover it >

Marx’s dream is alive and well in Alberta

Think Alberta is all free-market mayhem? Think again >

Is Canada’s population really divided over energy production?

According a public opinion survey, Canadian's are more or less on the same page about energy and the Alberta oil sands >

Changes to Canada’s temporary foreign worker program could change “temporary” to “permanent”

The case for temporary foreign workers >

What does a Trump presidency mean for Alberta energy?

Trump casts himself as a hero to the energy sector, and markets seem to believe him >

Northern Gateway: a “missed opportunity” for nation-building project

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the Northern Gateway decision was made in the best interest of nearby communities. But if 31 First Nations and Métis groups lose out, was it really? >

Alberta, post-Trump

Alberta’s aggressive climate plan clashes with Trump’s climate-change denial >