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Northern Gateway: a "missed opportunity" for nation-building project

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the Northern Gateway decision was made in the best interest of nearby communities. But if 31 First Nations and Métis groups lose out, was it really? >

Alberta, post-Trump

Alberta’s aggressive climate plan clashes with Trump’s climate-change denial >

Social license takes centre stage in the pipeline debate

For Canadian pipeline companies, traditional regulatory licensing is no longer enough to win approval. Stakeholders demand a social licence, too – and make them jump through hoops to get it >

Alberta’s Airbnb Effect

As the home-sharing service explodes in popularity, hotels take a hit. Should we use regulations to level the playing field? >

Chad Mielke, CEO of Peace Power, on the benefits of B Corps

There’s a new certification in town, and it might be worth a look for your business >

Not all First Nations oppose pipelines

At Calgary's Pipeline Gridlock conference, First Nations oil and gas producers dicussed the importance of balancing the environment and the economy >

How many parking spaces are enough in Edmonton’s downtown?

The Katz Group recently proposed an 800-stall gravel parking to serve Roger's Place >

Can you make sense of this 38,885-page document?

TransCanada's Energy East application stretches 11 kilometres end-to-end >

What an Alberta investor tax credit will mean for businesses

It should help remedy Alberta’s standing with venture capitalists >

Atco aims to win the natural gas market with lower costs and better service. Will it work?

After a 12-year haitus, Atco has re-entered the natural gas market at a particularly challenging time for retailers >