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Sprung Structures are so tough, they're used in the military

Over four generations, Sprung Structures has gone from canvas wall tents to fully insulated, multi-storey “stressed-membrane” buildings >

Toxic Technology

Lead, mercury, cadmium, phosphorous, they’re just some of the toxic elements found in the cathode ray tube (CRT) in your computer monitor.

Planning For Prosperity

Taking a cue from strides made by the Greater Edmonton Competitiveness Strategy, Calgary has launched an economic development strategy of its own. >

Learning Curve

Forget the “brain drain.” Instead, think “brain gain” as a way to deal with the ever-increasing shortage of skilled workers across the country. The problem sees perfectly qualified individuals like doctors and skilled technicians working in menial jobs because their qualifications aren’t recognized.

Ingenuity Abounds

Twenty graduate students at the University of Alberta and the University of Calgary will share $1.3 million over the next three years to pursue a variety of research projects.

Batten Down The Hatches

Alberta's burgeoning Information and Communications Technology sector is riding out the current storm on the momentum of a booming provincial economy >

An Empty Web of Promises

Linda Finstad finds only empty promises on the Internet >

Surviving and Thriving

Five Alberta companies prove that there is still life in the ICT sector >

Politically Incorrect Cybersquatting

The proverb says a good name is rather to be chosen than great riches. Why not have both? Canadian Justice Minister Anne McLellan may not be a “good” name to everyone, but SmartCanuk Internet Services gambled it could help lead to prosperity.

High-Tech Wreck

Hard lessons have been dealt out to ICT companies who didn’t take care of the business basics >

Decades of Discovery

Every time you drive down a paved road, smear bug repellent on your body, hurtle down the ski hill or take Echinacea to fend off a cold, you can thank, at least in part, the Alberta Research Council (ARC).