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The Briefing

How to protect your business from a cyber attack

Hackers don’t discriminate between mega-corporations and small businesses: Every organization with an Internet connection is at risk >

Mind the Gap: Women in business

In Alberta, women hold 11 per cent of board positions on TSX-listed Alberta issuers and occupy eight per cent of executive offices - a long way from equality >

How to create a healthier workplace

January is all about newness and revitalization. Follow the New Year, New You mantra and transform your workplace into a healthier, happier environment >

Northern Gateway: a “missed opportunity” for nation-building project

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the Northern Gateway decision was made in the best interest of nearby communities. But if 31 First Nations and Métis groups lose out, was it really? >

Calgary’s Green Line vs. Edmonton’s Metro Line

Alberta's two major cities are expanding their LRT systems, making it easier for suburban dwellers to venture into the city cores >

Joe Dion wants to include First Nations in energy development

The CEO of Frog Lake Energy Resources dispels the myth that all First Nations oppose resource development >

Alberta farms in good shape despite early snowfall

This fall proved to be a bit of a heartbreaker for farmers, but the overall news from Alberta's agriculture sector is good >

The case for economic mobility is strong in Alberta

Despite heightened anti-immigration rhetoric, migration is crucial for economic wellbeing >

Small universities are hurt by donation decreases

With a $350 million decrease in post-secondary donations this year, smaller institutions are feeling the pinch >

Lethbridge’s Playhouse Masters

Charmed Playhouses turns play into art, constructing custom, over-the-top structures for international clientele >