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The Briefing

Avoid fake news: a handy guide to news sources

Get back to the pre-post-fact-days >

Sprung Structures are so tough, they’re used in the military

Over four generations, Sprung Structures has gone from canvas wall tents to fully insulated, multi-storey “stressed-membrane” buildings >

Tale of the Tape: Pipelines vs Rail

A comparison of two ways to move oil >

The economic impact of bovine tuberculosis

Recent cases of bovine tuberculosis have spurred a massive and effective emergency response. But, as Albertan producers know all too well, disease breakouts can have perilous economic effects >

The cost of a home across the province

In 2016, the average home price in Alberta was $394,517. What will this buy you across the province? >

Can Alberta maintain its carbon pricing with a Trump administration?

Pipelines, decarbonization and the future of climate policy >

Get a clue: board games are in

Low-tech games are making a comeback and with them, the arrival of board game cafés >

The shakeup at CP Railway, with more to come

There has been another turnaround, but in which direction? >

Marx’s dream is alive and well in Alberta

Think Alberta is all free-market mayhem? Think again >

Is Canada’s population really divided over energy production?

According a public opinion survey, Canadian's are more or less on the same page about energy and the Alberta oil sands >