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TransCanada gains critical foothold in Marcellus region with Columbia Pipeline deal

The Calgary-based company’s $13-billion acquisition of Columbia Pipeline Group gives it control of a major natural gas vein in the U.S. >


A peek behind the scenes at Alberta’s busiest – and Canada’s fastest-growing – airport reveals a kind of controlled chaos at work. Just another extraordinary day in the life of Calgary International >

Our Friend the Box

How the humble shipping container is turning China into the world’s factory, turning North America into its big-box store and, unlikely as it sounds, turning Alberta into an entrepot of world trade< >

Frequent Flier

How to take the pain out of business travel >

The Next Big Idea

How can we develop the oilsands, cut emissions and boost conventional oil and gas production at the same time? By building the world’s first “backbone” carbon capture system. Perhaps nowhere else in the world does it make so much sense >

How Alberta Got Skyjacked

The province could have been aerospace contender. Too bad Ottawa interfered

Herculean Task

With its mainline business of the last 45 years hanging in the balance, a revamped Spar Aerospace faces its biggest challenge yet: Export or die

What CN Should Have Done

How better PR could have mitigated the damage at Wabamun Lake >

Waste Not, Want Not

When it comes to managing its garbage, Alberta gets mixed marks >

On Track

The proposed industrial railroad to Fort McMurray has observers questioning if it is the link the region needs or a multi-billion dollar boondoogle >

Markets to Watch

Five export destinations that should be on your radar screen–and why >