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Tale of the Tape: Pipelines vs Rail

A comparison of two ways to move oil >

Markets to Watch

Five export destinations that should be on your radar screen–and why >

A Burning Hot Market

Exporting to the Middle East presents great challenges, but as one Alberta company has discovered, it also presents great opportunities >

State of the Export Nation

While total value of Alberta’s export in 2003 increased by 14.1%, disparity between market segments became more pronounced >

Mission Statement

Trade missions get your foot in the export door, but it takes lots of leg work to sell the goods

Business Trip – June 2004

Knowing how to navigate from point A to B could mean the difference between arriving to your next meeting right on the hour or unfashionably late. >

Cultivating Creativity

Culture of Innovation: Recognizing a company that actively positions itself as a market leader, invests in R&D, has built a program of initiatives to ensure its products, services or process are leading edge in quality, and has developed an internal environment which fosters creativity.

How the West Was Won

Alberta’s Most Respected Corporation has literally hypnotized Albertans (not to mention investors) with its down-to-earth charm. Vancouverite Roberta Staley flies in to discover why we just can’t seem to get enough of WestJet.

Travel Prices Soar

Booking corporate travel online may not the cheapest route for businesses, according to a recent survey commissioned by the Canadian Corporate Travel Association (CCTA) which represents the interests of the country’s largest travel management companies.

Licensed to Drive

At night when Rashpal Gosan drives his taxicab through the streets of Calgary, all he can think about is how the city is putting the brakes on the taxicab business. Since 1986, the city has placed a moratorium on the number of taxi vehicle plate licences issued.

Rail at the Crossroads

Canadian Pacific Railway believes widespread conversion to scheduled rail is its industry’s best hope to compete with commercial trucking >