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TransCanada gains critical foothold in Marcellus region with Columbia Pipeline deal

The Calgary-based company’s $13-billion acquisition of Columbia Pipeline Group gives it control of a major natural gas vein in the U.S. >

Bye Bye Bonuses

“Hello … Hello, alien life form. What have you done with Nancy?” Nancy People’s father was astonished his world-travelling daughter hadn’t commented on the tantalizing adventure vacations he was considering as a Christmas present for his wife. Something was up.

Moving Forward

CARGO BOOM: Demand for increased freight transportation options has spurred couriers like FedEx to expand their services in Alberta >

A Wing and a Prayer

City Centre Airport was meant to be the connecting point between northern Alberta and Edmonton. Instead, what users see as a deliberate effort to close down the airport is causing a rift between the capital city and its northern neighbours >

Three Wheels. Two Guys. One Plan.

Lehman Trikes takes a couple of entrepreneurs from Westlock for the ride of their lives >

Calgary-Edmonton corridor economic envy of Canada

The road to prosperity >

Editor’s Note

We can’t deny we’re part enamoured, part in awe of the scale of operations behind the likes of Burlington Resources Ltd. president Mark Ellis, whose company and peers are the subject of this month’s cover story >

Export Mavericks

The right product, market, technology and supply chain all play a role in export success. Here’s how four Alberta mavericks have made international inroads with their wares >

How to Export Anything

Or anyone – Here’s our how-to-manual for getting started in the sometimes tricky world of international trade and commerce >

Recovery Interrupted

Global uncertainty continues to affect Canadian export values after declines in 2001 and 2002 >

Under the Gun

At times of war, export markets can be filled with uncertainties. They can also present opportunties to those who proceed with care and attention >