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Alberta’s Best Workplaces Event 2016


The Venture 250

The definitive list of Alberta’s Biggest Companies >

Chinese tech giant Foxconn agrees to buy money-losing SMART Technologies

In May, Foxconn Technology Group announced an agreement to buy SMART Technologies’ outstanding shares for a cash payment of $4.50 per common share >

First Calgary Financial and Chinook Credit Union are reaping the benefits of their 2014 merger

The financial institutions merged operations in November 2014 and has been exceeding targets and increasing capital since >

The No Bullshit Legacy of Hunter Harrison

One of the most charming, charismatic and feared CEOs of recent memory steps down as CEO of Canadian Pacific Railway in June 2017. What’s next for Canada’s largest railway? >

The mergers and acquisitions of Alberta’s oil patch

One of the deepest oil routs in memory spelled the end for a long list of oil and gas producers in 2015 >

The 25 best-paid CEOs in Alberta

Read 'em and weep >

A new hope for Alberta’s 250 biggest companies

"There were no illusions that it wasn’t going to be a rough year. But, emerging from the wreckage, many of Alberta’s biggest companies are stronger – or at least smarter – for it" >

The growers and shrinkers of the V250

In a year that was all peaks and valleys, who hit the highest highs, and who almost lost it all? >