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Fast Growth 50 2009

A Good, Hard Look

With the province pausing for breath after a lengthy economic sprint, the time is right for Alberta’s fastest growing companies to reflect on which strengths brought them this far and, more importantly, which ones will carry them forward >

The View From the Trenches

To really grasp what makes the Fast Growth 50 tick, we asked the heads of departments with various companies what challenges they’re facing in 2009. Here’s what they told us >

Built to Last

An insistent customer’s request gave rise to Modus Inc. five years ago. Now this accidental company’s products are known as the Cadillac of portable buildings >

A League of His Own

After a pro hockey career spent in the minors, Derek Prue is shooting out the lights with his development company, SkyRider Holdings. The game-breaker: an innovative approach to First Nations housing >