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Fast Growth 50

Who is behind Alberta's fastest growing companies?

We find out their secret to success >

Fitter, Farther, Faster: Fitter International is number four on our Fast Growth 50 List

Louis Stack started out selling homemade fitness products from his van. Now, Fitter International is growing as desk dwellers embrace the “active office” >

The women behind Ryan Murphy construction

Karen Ryan and Lara Murphy have built a general contractor traditionally, with a few twists >

Software Mavericks: Riva is number one on our Fast Growth 50 list

Aldo Zanoni identified a market before consumers realized it was there. In 2006, Riva International created a CRM integration system that disrupted the industry and propelled the company to international success >

Alberta’s Fast Growth 50

The 50 fastest growing companies in the province >

Who can you trust? Ashif Mawji may have the answer

Trust Science is hoping algorithms combined with artificial intelligence can determine trustworthiness >

Introducing the Fast Growth 50 for 2016

This year's Fast Growth 50 is themed around learning >

Alberta’s 2016 Fast Growth 50 List

The complete list of Alberta’s fastest growing businesses >

With sales in Alberta tanking, AutoCanada is looking to boost its revenue through acquisitions

In 2014, AutoCanada made a killing via acquisitions, only to find auto sales nosedive in its biggest market. But the lull allows it to make some upgrades before kicking it into high gear again >

Fast Growth 50: Watch Ray Muzyka’s keynote on leadership

Click to watch Ray Muzyka deliver his Fast Growth 50 keynote address on “The Best Practices in Entrepreneurial Leadership.” >