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Legal Eagles

Everything I know about life I learned from lawyers

Legal Eagles: The 10 Legal Commandments >

The debate over the value of protecting an invention

Legal Eagles: Property Rights  >

by Marzena Czarnecka

Why buying into a franchise isn’t as easy as it might look

What you don’t know about your franchising contract could cost you  >

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An insider’s guide to surviving your first lawsuit

Rookie Mistakes  >

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Why it’s now or maybe never for Canada’s proposed pipeline projects

The Not-So-Great Race  >

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Make a profit or provide a public benefit – why your company can’t have it both ways

Charity Case: The ever-evolving law that makes the difference between not-for-profits, charities and social enterprises  >

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When it comes to doing business abroad, it pays to plan ahead

International Affairs  >

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Having the right insurance coverage will make claims simpler

Keep in touch with your insurance broker to keep your business adequately covered  >

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How to close your first deal without going completely crazy

Helpful tips from our legal columnist and her expert panel on how to get through your first big deal  >

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