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Lunch With: Hoblitt, a new website for "local experiences," consults with startup entrepreneur Patrick Lor

Hobbit, a startup experiential education company, reaches out to Dissolve, a veteran marketing stock image and video provider >

These Edmonton girls can teach you a thing or two about marketing

Teenaged sisters Hania and Ghalia Aamer have fought the red tape and launched a tutoring company. They think they’re on to something big >

Two entrepreneurs want to upend the auto-mechanic world. But are they using the right tools?

The co-founders of instaMek get some "disruptive" advice from Brian Hesje, former Fountain Tire CEO >

Building A Better Way With Tom Redl Of Chandos Construction

Over lunch with the owners of Electra Sign, Redl explains how he brought a new way of building to Alberta –and why it’s paying dividends >

Imaginea Energy’s Suzanne West talks vision with Carvel Electric

A young entrepreneur wants to do more than just make profits with his small but growing electrical company >

Lunch With: Tapavino taps Zag Creative for Marketing Tips

A young restaurateur needs help getting word out about his new place >

Lunch With: Sandra Sing Fernandes and Melanie Love

A legend of Alberta’s fashion industry shares insights and trade secrets with an up-and-comer in the full-busted clothing world >

Lunch With: Poppy Barley and Camp Brand Goods

Four brand-conscious entrepreneurs talk about the limits of online marketing – and how to grow beyond social media >

Lunch With: Tom Donaldson and Brittany Anderson talk structure

Edo Japan’s Tom Donaldson advises Edmonton Paintball’s Brittany Anderson to zero in on the customer >

Lunch With: Yardstick’s Chris LaBossiere sits down with ID VIP’s Jen Perry

An event planner and musician turns to a veteran entrepreneur to find out what it takes to grow a passion into a business >