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Management Intel

Oil and gas companies should play it safe when spending extra cash

If your oil and gas company is lucky enough to raise some cash, then you have another problem: how to spend it >

Merging may be the best option for junior oil and gas companies during a commodity rout

Volterra considers a move from its old playbook  >

by Robbie Jeffrey

Terms of survival: renegotiating a business loan

Deep in debt, this once-mighty junior needs relief from its lending institution. But it won’t come easy  >

by Robbie Jeffrey

Is the grass always greener elsewhere for Alberta startups?

If you think so, maybe you're not looking in the right places  >

by Robbie Jeffrey

If you think work-life balance is tough, try the alternative

Spikebee's Jo-Anne Reynolds is struggling to find work-life balance as she works full tilt to get her startup off the ground  >

by Robbie Jeffrey

This Calgary woman wants to build the “Amazon of summer camps”

The owner of SpikeBee says she's caught in a Catch 22: She needs money to grow her business, but she can't get the money until she reaches a client threshold  >

Could a business advisory board open doors for your small business?

One of the best opportunities for advice and networking is also rarely used. Here's how to jump on board  >

by Robbie Jeffrey

Management Intel: Finding The Ideal Employee

A staffing expert helps Landscape Irrigation Solutions leverage its strengths to attract top talent  >

by Robbie Jeffrey

Forget Followers – Be A Leader When It Comes To Your Online Reputation

Alberta Venture speaks with Dan Bergeron of the Calgary marketing agency Everbrave to addresses the myths and misconceptions around web-based branding  >

by Robbie Jeffrey

Getting the Brand Back Together

Calgary-based Landscape Irrigation Solutions wants a brand that will leave an impression. But will expert advice push it too far out of its comfort zone?  >

by Robbie Jeffrey
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