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Marketing Intel

Customer service is a more effective marketing technique than viral videos

Old-fashioned word of mouth is the best form of viral marketing  >

by Steve Williams

The Fine-Print Foxtrot: Stretching the truth may be industry standard, but honesty has its upside

Steve Williams on the upsides and downsides of advertising industry chicanery  >

by Steve Williams

Demographics only one part of effective sales and marketing

Marketing Intel: Benefit segmentation and psychographics play an increasingly useful role in marketing your product  >

by Steve Williams

Marketing Intel: 21 Marketing Mysteries Revealed

Counting down 2011 with brand stories that might surprise you  >

by Steve Williams

Marketing Intel: The Story That Sells

A good story can be a company’s best asset  >

by Steve Williams

Marketing Intel: How to Pick the Right Advertising Agency

When it comes to picking an ad agency, the fit can be as important as the fee  >

by Steve Williams

Marketing Intel: Be Like Mike

Why the marketing world could use its own irascible quality-control expert  >

by Steve Williams

Marketing Intel: When it Comes to the Global Tourism Industry, it Pays to Stand Out From the Crowd

The Tourist Trap: Often all you need is a bit of creativity and a big leap of faith  >

by Steve Williams
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