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Need to know

Need to Know: David Gluzman

With his two companies – WineCollective and BlackSquare – Gluzman is reinventing the way people buy, sell and appreciate wine >

Need to Know: Hubert Lau

He’s an IT whiz with dozens of great builds to his credit. Now he’s aiming to revolutionize the beef industry >

Need to Know: Arti Modi

Founder and director of the OmniArch Group of Companies Arti Modi wants to make the average Canadian borrower more than just a credit score >

Need to Know: Jennifer Winter

The economist and policy expert is peering into energy and environmental policies and regulations >

Need to Know: Claire Edwards

Working on the Edmonton Youth Council, Claire Edwards is fighting for the future of today’s youth >

Need to Know: Kali Taylor

Student Energy co-founder Kali Taylor fosters the next generation of energy leaders >

Need to Know: Kylie Toh

The Chic Geek founder is shaking up Alberta’s tech scene, one woman at a time >

Need to Know: Kandrix Foong

Yes, the Calgary Comic Con founder is Captain America >

Need to Know: Ryan Sailer

The general manager of Lethbridge’s Southland Trailers takes over the family business >

Need to Know: Mitch Mercredi

Acden’s business development manager Mitch Mercredi is bringing people together >