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The Alberta Venture Podcast: Does Trump have Canada over a barrel?

The Alberta Venture team enlists Nick Wilson, editor of Alberta Oil magazine, to drill into the implications of a Trump presidency on the energy sector. In this special episode, devoted exclusively to the oil sand’s biggest customer, we talk Keystone XL, border taxes, the Paris climate accord and CERAWeek, and try to glean some insight into this era of unpredictability.  >

AV Plus – December 2016: Merry Christmas and Happy News Year

Before reminiscing about the year’s top news stories, Alberta Venture’s editorial team asks why so many people are leaving Alberta for greener pastures. Then we look at our magazine’s twentieth Business Person of the Year Award winner, Enbridge’s Al Monaco, and segue into a conversation about social license and the future of pipelines. Finally, concluding our last podcast of 2016, we talk about the future of the Progressive Conservative party and Sandra Jansen crossing the floor to join the NDP. See you in 2017.  >

Election madness, third-quarter oil updates and remembering Jim Prentice

In this episode of AV Plus, the Alberta Venture team looks at some of the sunny news coming from the oil patch, detouring only slightly to remind you that we’re still in a downturn. Plus, Jenn Mentanko talks about her story on the business of all those pop-up Halloween shops and Mike Ganley tries to make heads and tails of Donald Trump’s position on Keystone XL. Finally, a few kind words for Jim Prentice, the recently departed former premier of Alberta.  >

Annual Executive Health Assessments: Are you getting one?

In this health podcast, Rick Tiedemann, Sr. Director of Business Development and Executive Director of the Edmonton Copeman Healthcare Centre discusses whether an annual executive health assessment is enough to keep executives happy, healthy and stress free.  >

The Alberta Venture Podcast: First-quarter blues, canola crisis and Energy East protests

The AV team dissects Joe Ceci’s Q1 fiscal update and discusses whether we’re on our way up or stuck at the bottom. Then we pick apart the trade dispute with China that has our canola farmers panicking, and examine the ruckus around Energy East and the future of pipelines and social license. Plus, we pick some notables from the V250 in the September issue of Alberta Venture.  >

Your Health: Are you taking it seriously?

Rick Tiedemann, Sr. Director, Business Development at Copeman Healthcare discusses the necessity of corporate health programs and how they are no longer a “nice to have” but a “need to have” component of a high-functioning organization particularly in these uncertain economic times  >

The Alberta Venture Podcast: PPAs, Pokémon Go and Beer Markups

Alberta Venture editor Mike Ganley gets into the weeds with power purchase agreements (PPAs), while assistant editor Jenn Mentanko talks about how Alberta businesses are trying to make money from the Pokémon Go phenomenon. Then, we find something we can all agree on: beer. We’ll tackle the motives behind recent changes to beer markups and why Brad Wall shouldn’t be surprised. Plus, a rundown of what you can find in the August issue of Alberta Venture.  >

The Alberta Venture Podcast: After the Fire, Fort McMurray’s Business Community Rebuilds

We look at the challenges facing businesses when they return to Fort McMurray, and, five years on, the lessons Slave Lake can teach the citizens of Fort McMurray. Plus, an Alberta tech darling could soon be acquired by Chinese electronics giant Foxconn  >

AV Plus – May 2016: In these Alberta towns, firefighters are employees of private companies

We look at the reaction to Alberta Venture's April feature on municipalities hiring private companies to fire fires. Plus — a preview of our May cover story: Why a prominent Alberta family defrauded investors out of $80 million  >

THRIVE: Cash Flow Management with ATB’s Dan Allen and YYC Cycle

Click to listen to Thrive: Your Guide to Business Success, presented by ATB Financial. In this episode: Everything you need to know about cash flow management  >

by Jim Kerr