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Project Transform Alberta

Why every Albertan needs to graduate high school

Smarter. Richer. Safer. Better. Alberta can be all of these things. All it needs to do is get every kid in the province through high school >

How Alberta can become a global magnet for talent – and why we’ll suffer if we don’t

Reach for the Top >

How Alberta can become the world’s healthiest place

Alberta has the tools to become the healthiest place on the planet, but are we willing to use them properly? >

Podcast: How Can Alberta Help Feed the World?

With 10 billion people projected to be on planet Earth by 2050 how can Alberta's agricultural expertise be put to use >

Project: Transform Alberta – How Alberta’s Farmers, Entrepreneurs and Innovators Can Help Feed the World

On October 31, 2011, the global population reached seven billion. It’s predicted to grow by another two billion by 2050. At this rate, we’ll have to grow and raise more food in the next 50 years than we’ve produced cumulatively over the past 10,000 >

Podcast: Can Alberta develop a home-grown auto sector?

Editor Mike Ganley discusses his Project: Transform Alberta piece on this novel economic diversification scheme >

Project Transform Alberta: Building a Homegrown Auto Sector

Auto manufacturing in Alberta? It might sound far-fetched, but so did the oil sands, once upon a time >

Alberta at 10 Million

Why bigger is definitely better when it comes to the province’s population >

Alberta at 10 Million Podcast

Addressing the look and feel questions >

Project: Transform Alberta

We have had a number of things working in our favour that have allowed us to grow relatively unproductive. >