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Starting Up

Blacktop Paving lays down a path for year-round growth in a seasonal business

Kicking Asphalt >

Steve Macleod is Alberta Venture’s man in Calgary. Keeping an eye on innovative trends, creative entrepreneurs and the world of small business, he can be reached at

The Skill Every Entrepreneur Needs

Long-term success will rely on it  >

by Steve MacLeod

How does a labour shortage affect businesses?

Six areas are causing concern for small business owners, but Perrin Beatty has some advice  >

by Steve MacLeod

Mob hits downtown Edmonton store

Carbon Environmental Boutique targeted by the city’s first Cash Mob  >

by Steve MacLeod

Finding Employees in Alberta

New association forms to tackle the biggest challenge facing small businesses  >

by Steve MacLeod

What to Look for in a Franchise Partner

Due diligence is important for both franchisors and franchisees  >

by Steve MacLeod

Interest in Fabulous Furballs heats up after TV appearance

A Dragons’ Den deal for Edmonton area pet boutique boosts the company’s profile  >

by Steve MacLeod

The Calgarian behind top NFL, NHL mascots

Glenn Street designed Pat the Patriot, Harvey the Hound and hundreds more  >

by Steve MacLeod

Win a Free Book

LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman’s book details how to have a successful career. You have to think like an entrepreneur  >

by Steve MacLeod

Small Businesses Seeing Red (Tape)

Our Calgary-based blogger on all things small business  >

by Steve MacLeod