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Strategy Session

How employees benefit from flexible workplaces

Companies are increasingly adopting flexible workplaces to attract top talent, to the benefit of all employees >

The free-Wi-Fi advantage may be gone, but Smart Wifi is the new option

Smart Wi-Fi allows business owners to control how much bandwidth is used and gathers data on what users do  >

December, 2015

How to rock your layoff

Losing your job can be traumatizing. Here's how to make the best of it, and how to go into your next job a better person  >

November, 2015

Why do hotels have landlines, let alone a clock radio?

Obsolete technologies, unified communications and romancing the phone  >

October, 2015

Stuck in the Middle: Changing Corporate Culture

It’s hard to change corporate culture without the support of the top brass  >

August, 2015

An Un-succession Planning Story at Calgary’s House of Persian Rugs

The third generation takes over the store  >

August, 2015

Faking Authenticity: Shortcuts to the hottest new management craze

"The key to being a successful leader” – cue pregnant pause to build suspense, whatever will she say next? – “is to be authentic.”  >

July, 2015

Through Rose-Coloured Oculus Rift glasses

The importance of being open to the next new thing  >

June, 2015

Is your CEO a TFW?

In positions high and low, now and in the future, Alberta needs temporary workers  >

May, 2015

Old school marketing in Twitterworld

An economic slowdown is the perfect time to overtake your competitors  >

April, 2015