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Venture 100 2007

Meet the New Boss

It’s been a year of regime change at some Venture 100 stalwarts. Here’s what to expect from the new guy at the top >

The Western Tiger’s Roar

Building on past momentum, the Alberta economy marked new milestones in 2006, and so did the Venture 100 >

Flashback: Top 10 from 10 Years Ago

A historical look at the 10 biggest players of 1997 >

Breaking Ranks

12 companies that made moves – up, down and sideways – on this year’s Venture 100 and Next 100 lists >

Stand by Your Brand

Alberta’s largest companies put as much sweat and equity into branding as they do offering quality goods and services. Those who kick butt at brand management understand that a brand can hold as much value as a tangible asset >

Intelligent Design

Smart Technologies is starting to look like the breakout company that Alberta’s high-tech sector so desperately needs >

Second Wind

Using the latest ideas in lean manufacturing, this 93-year-old company has suddenly quintupled sales over the last five years >

Requiem for a Branch Plant

It may not rank alongside a first edition of The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz or a rare sketch by A. Y. Jackson but Shell Canada’s annual report for 2006 may eventually take its place in the archives of rare Canadiana >

Not-For-Profit 50 2007

The biggest board-run organizations >

The Board Matrix (620 Kb PDF)

The most well connected directors of public companies in Alberta >