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The Venture 250 Podcast Series

Chris O’NeillGoogle Canada
In this exclusive interview, Google Canada’s Chris O’Neill discusses the importance of setting goals and collaborating, following his keynote address at the 2013 Venture 250 luncheons in Edmonton and Calgary

Jeff BowlingCanadian Western Bank
In this interview, Canadian Western Bank’s Jeff Bowling talks about the need to take a step back and decide what’s best for your company’s growth

Tad Drinkwater – NAIT’s JR Shaw School of Business
In this interview, Tad Drinkwater, the Dean of NAIT’s JR Shaw School of Business, says innovation is about leaving your comfort zone and finding ways to do things differently

Rick HarveyTEC Canada
In this interview, TEC Canada’s Rick Harvey says tech forums give companies a “safe place” to explore ideas

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Venture 250 stories


The Directors Cut

A great board can make all the difference. Meet the individuals steering the ship at two of our Venture 250 companies

Sept 1, 2013

Meet Daryl Katz

Inside the world of Edmonton’s most reclusive – and divisive – citizen

Sept 2, 2013

A League of Our Own

Who’s up, who’s down and who’s never coming back to this year’s Venture 250

Sept 2, 2013

Capital Gains

Securing the right space for your business >

Sept 3, 2013

People Power

It’s trite, but it’s true: a company’s human resources really are its most valuable asset

Sept 9, 2013


The Bold and the Bountiful

It was a quiet year on the M&A market, but there were still some deals that stood out. Here’s what they looked like

Sept 11, 2013

About Face

Surge Energy shares soared when Paul Colborne took over as CEO. For once, the market got it right

Sept 17, 2013

Oh, The Places They Go

Alberta’s energy sector is involved in some of the world’s riskiest – and most rewarding – locations

Sept 17, 2013

The Differential Divide

There are a few companies that have been able to benefit from the oil price spreads

Sept 18, 2013

The Non-Profit Motive

Find out how Alberta’s not-for-profits are generating billions in GDP and thousands of jobs

Sept 23, 2013